Thursday, 23 September 2010

hi all, i have had lots of request from people wanting to know how scruffy is getting on, as you can see i have updated his story. Now i have decided to continue with scruffy diary. so he will share my blog from now on.Today i went to a workshop at my favorite craft shop IMAGINE THAT run by EMMA, the workshop was called CHRISTMAS UNLEASHED and was taken by JO FIRTH, we made 5 cards but only posting 4 as i haven t finished the 5 th one yet.thought you would like to see my home grown tomatoes no rude comments please! ha ha


while my owner was At the workshop her daughter came AND took me round to play with HENRY, her dog, a golden retriever so i would nt be lonely. WOW!, he is twice my size and talk about weighty well, when he runs pass me the earth shakes, but i had a good time and managed to bite his ears a few times, lol. Henry is 3 years old in Oct and hopefully if he has a party i will be invited. now i m back home and as you can see i ve just had my dinner and i am taking the empty dish back for seconds