Wednesday, 11 June 2008

hi there folks

OK, so i new on this blogging lark but here gos, where do i start, well i have a friend called Lisa much younger and computer literate than i, in fact she s way to clever in a lot of things IE she can make fab cards, anyway getting of track here ,Lisa kept on at me its about time you created a blog, or, come get your act together and get writing, so after a traumatic day and a night of trying to put this all together here i am, thank you Lisa i will get mine own back one day ,i love making cards but even though i am retired from the grind of a 9 -5 job i still don t find i have enough hours in the day to be able to do all i would like to in the card making dept, but i know most of us that say the same.i look forward to eventually showing some of my creations, when, i figure how to put the photos on this site, so, watch this space! but it could be like watching paint dry or waiting for the kettle to boil