Friday, 5 September 2008

well this is my first photo or i should say two photos the same, have NT learnt how to delete yet, hope you like the card or cards very simple done with the cuttle bug folders and die cuts and the score pal all brilliant tools by the way my friend Lisa will be so impressed i ve posted these photo no stopping me now Lisa lol

i am still in the land of the living

hi there all, i have returned to try and get a grip on this blogging lark! so watch this space! hopefully i can start to display some photos on here of the cards i make just need to learn how to do it so bare with me i am going to a computer class on Tues so wish me luck .off to a beading exhibition on Sunday really looking forward to getting some new beads to play with ,also this month is the big stamping exhibition at Alexandra palace big event well keep checking this blog and soon you might see some photos regards jean genie

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

hi there folks

OK, so i new on this blogging lark but here gos, where do i start, well i have a friend called Lisa much younger and computer literate than i, in fact she s way to clever in a lot of things IE she can make fab cards, anyway getting of track here ,Lisa kept on at me its about time you created a blog, or, come get your act together and get writing, so after a traumatic day and a night of trying to put this all together here i am, thank you Lisa i will get mine own back one day ,i love making cards but even though i am retired from the grind of a 9 -5 job i still don t find i have enough hours in the day to be able to do all i would like to in the card making dept, but i know most of us that say the same.i look forward to eventually showing some of my creations, when, i figure how to put the photos on this site, so, watch this space! but it could be like watching paint dry or waiting for the kettle to boil